Are you bored of Facebook?

GDA Creative Marketing
24th May 2018 | Blog

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook was changing. “You’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands and media” in favour of "meaningful conversations” he said.

Apparently the algorithms were changing as people were losing interest in the platform. Advertisers and media companies were worried, but based on this, there was obviously no need.

This is today's order of the first 25 posts in a member of our team's newsfeed (it won't be hard to work out who!)

1. A friend’s post
2. American Express advert
3. Sport Bible
4. Daily Mash
5. BBC News
6. BT Sport
7. England Cricket
8. Fox Valley
9. Taylor Wimpey advert
10. The Guardian
11. Astonish Cleaners
12. BT Sport
13. European Tour golf
14. A friend’s post
15. Suggested post
16. Joe Root
17. Paddy Power
18. Sport Bible
19. England Cricket
20. Liverpool FC
21. Cocosa advert
22. European Tour golf
23. Sport Bible
24. A friend’s sharing a memory
25. Sheffield Star

So only 3 of the first 25 posts were from friends - or 12% of them.

We as an advertising business love Facebook. It is a fantastic tool for us to market our client’s brands and products in an effective, targeted and measurable way. It’s also very cheap when compared to other marketing channels, which obviously helps when client budgets are tight.

But it will obviously only carry on working if people continue to use it.

So what do you think of Facebook in 2018 – do you still ‘like’?

Does it still give you what it once did?

Have you moved on to other platforms instead – and if so, why?

We would love to hear your thoughts…