How to avoid blogging bloopers

GDA Creative Marketing
23rd March 2017 | Blog

Content marketing is the starting point for any business wishing to promote themselves.

As with many agencies, we spend so much time working for our clients that our own company marketing can get put to one side. Content marketing can be a daunting task. You are representing your company, and if you sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about, people will assume neither does your company. Therefore getting it right is paramount.

We thought we would get together a few tips to get you started…

1. There, their and they’re. As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, correct spelling and grammar is a must, for any type of marketing. There is really no excuse. Check, check and check again! Ask someone to give it a quick read through, we have all been there - staring at a screen of words contemplating whether it’s there, their or they’re, in the end they all look right. A fresh pair of eyes is a great way of not only making sure your spelling and grammar is correct, but also that your content makes sense to other people, and not just that it makes sense in your head!

2. Spruce it up. There’s nothing more boring than just endless words. Adding an image or video to your blog will hold the reader’s attention for longer and add another dimension to your post. It can also make your post more memorable.

3. Blah Blah Blah… Don’t ramble on. Consumers nowadays have extremely short attention spans. An 800 word blog is only going to be read from start to finish by die-hard fans of whatever you're blogging about. Therefore keep it to under 500 words and get to the point quickly!

4. Eyes on the prize. Is your goal to inform, to sell, to attract clients? Whatever it is, don’t lose sight of that goal. If your goal is to inform, don’t suddenly start blogging about a great new promotion you’re running. If you do want to push a new product or promotion, don’t use sales language or be pushy. Instead highlight the problem which your product provides the solution to for the consumer.

5. First impressions count. Make sure the tone of your blog matches the tone of your company and the industry you are in. It could be the first time the consumer has any contact with your company and so ensuring your blog is a true representation of your company and values is so important.

6. Call to Action. Ending your blog post with a call to action will keep your customers interested. Call's to action could include; ‘Sign up to our blog’, ‘Watch this space for more content marketing tips’ or something like ours below....

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