Delivering effective, personalised messages to your customers.

Email campaigns that deliver proven results

The GDAMail email marketing system gives a platform to deliver effective, personalised messages to your customer database.

It means you can distribute email campaigns in bulk, whilst ensuring deliverability and protecting your brand integrity through effective spam testing. The system also provides detailed reports on open rates, click rates and importantly the specific detail of who has clicked where - which your sales team can then use as a superb additional tool.

Stay on target

Most email campaigns are only as good as the data they are being sent to. Your own CRM data will always be the most important piece of marketing information you hold, however if you need to spread your net a bit wider then we can also help you with sourcing highly-targeted, external marketing data.

Backed by the right designs

By combining all of this with our creative knowledge and expertise, GDAMail is ideal for all your email marketing communications including sales promotions, newsletters, customer surveys, corporate communications and event promotion.