PR and Events
Maximum impact for maximum coverage

Any PR agency can write a press release

At GDA we believe PR goes much further than this by consciously building media relations on our clients behalf to maximise the possible coverage. On top of this, you will see a difference in the levels of our creative thinking and idea generation to excite both editors and readers – on and off line.

Designed to suit the needs of your business

Incorporating the drafting and distribution of press releases, research and generation of new ideas, giving advice on all on and off line media opportunities, strategic planning to target new markets, crisis management and importantly the monitoring of all campaign visibility and success; our service is comprehensive and specifically designed to suit the needs of your business.

Events you'll never forget

GDA's event management service does so much more than just organise a great occasion. We believe that every event should always have aims and a purpose and we never forget this throughout the project. Whether you are looking to drive customers to your store, thank clients for their business or create awareness of your company, our team will create and manage your event so it’s a credit to your business.