The joy of print

GDA Creative Marketing
11th April 2017 | Case Study

Call us ‘old school’ but we love the feeling of getting a brand new job back from print…

And this week we have had twice the enjoyment, as two of our latest pieces of work have been delivered.

GDA have been working on a national ‘Choices’ brochure for Taylor Wimpey to demonstrate the range of luxury extras that customers can buy for their new home. This has been driven from the very top of the UK’s third largest housebuilder as they feel that, even in this day and age; there is still a great desire from customers to be able take a brochure home and digest it in their own time.

‘Choices’ has initially been launched throughout the Taylor Wimpey Yorkshire region and will be rolled out across the UK over the coming months.
The second print job we’ve had back is the new corporate brochure for a long-standing client C. Soar & Sons. The design work was carried out by Jem Hager, GDA’s Creative Director, and is part of an overall update of the C. Soar & Sons brand identity. A new website is imminent and livery designs are also being worked on for the Barnsley-based business’ fleet of trucks.

Jem commented:

"“I always enjoy working on any project for C. Soar & Sons as we are able to take a product and service that could be seen as being not overly aesthetic and make it look amazing.

“The photographers we brought in have produced some stunning work and this always makes for a far better piece of creative.”"

Brochure Design for Taylor Wimpey

Taylor Wimpey Choices brochure inner pages

Brochure design for C Soar and Sons

Cover designs for C Soar & Sons

Brochure design for C Soar and Sons

Cover designs for C Soar & Sons

Brochure design for C Soar and Sons

C Soar & Sons brochure inner pages